Who We Are

Justice for the Silenced is a Canadian liberationist collective. Our mission is transparency and justice for exploited animals.

What We Are Accomplishing

Our work has been broadcast across many media outlets, our investigations have reached over 2 million views on social media, and we have captured the attention of our local government to the point where a mainstream political debate has developed over our actions. We continue to inspire courageous action all over the world.

What we do

We take the bold action that we feel is necessary to combat powerful corporations and lobbies. Disruption, civil disobedience, investigative work and more. We offer training and workshops to get more people active and to help establish safety for those who are determined to fight the system. We are just getting started!


Outlook, our first feature-length exposé, offers a glimpse into the realities of hog farming. It was created on a low budget, paid for out of pocket, shot and edited over many late nights. Other investigations are in the works, and major disruptive lock downs are being planned. At Justice for the Silenced, our ambitions are set high. We slow down when every animal is free.

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