Inside of this empty Albertan egg farm, our investigators found dozens of decaying hens and body parts.


Scenes like this one are all too common inside of farms across Alberta, and yet, instead of working to end widespread death and torture on Albertan farms, the UCP government has opted to increase penalties for nonviolent whistleblowers and activists. They continue to stand beside their choices of protecting big businesses instead of protecting innocent and vulnerable beings.



The following video contains footage that was anonymously sent to us from inside of a holding pen of a Canadian pig slaughterhouse.


The pigs were so crammed together, that in order to move around or sit down they had to fight each other for space. This slaughterhouse (like most), does not give food or water to the pigs. These pigs were being held in the slaughterhouse overnight to be slaughtered in the morning. This common practice results in days without access to food or water when combined with the already disturbingly loose transportation laws. The slaughterhouse smelt of death and fear, something that was not lost to the curious and innocent noses of these young piglets.



Watching as motherless baby animals desperately backed away from us as if we were there to kill them was the most heart breaking things I’ve ever witnessed while investigating.


They have been treated so coldly that they can’t even recognize compassion. All they see is humans, and humans always hurt them. The Alberta government aims to utilize the authorities in order to crack down on compassionate and peaceful activists who try and expose the stories of hurt animals, instead of trying to end the cruelty with us.



Inside of this farm, we found systematic cruelty committed upon baby animals. The barn was so gigantic, that even with the lights on it would be difficult to see the other side. All of the dead birds had confused and grieving friends and family members surrounding their deceased bodies. Watching as these trapped animals who are doomed for a fate worse than we could imagine mourned over those who didn’t survive was heartbreaking. Stuffed to the max with sick and scared chickens, this farm reveals industry standard for exploitation facilities across the province.


These are the places that Jason Kenney and the CFIA fight so hard to keep hidden in the dark, usually by enforcing fear tactics in order to prevent activists from exposing cruelty.



Hidden camera footage from Jumbo Valley shows farmers REPEATEDLY KICKING and THROWING TURKEYS in an attempt to force them to their death. Investigations of Jumbo Valley turkey farm leading up to Liberation Lockdown on September 2nd has revealed systematic abuse and violence towards innocent defenceless birds. Turkeys are loving and curious individuals when they are permitted to behave naturally in non traumatic environments. Within these white desolate barns we refer to as “farms”, is a violent oppression that can only be referred to as an atrocity of the highest extent.


These clips contain footage of Jumbo Valley Colony members violently abusing turkeys, but this isn’t just an isolated case. 

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